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About us

Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic’.

With Global Exhibitions, you have a partner committed to getting it right the first time. We ask the right questions to uncover insights that lead to better decisions. And we clearly understand it’s about performance and results not just ideas or big talks, so we don’t give up until we start delivering results.

We thoroughly understand that now people want to learn before they buy – be educated, instead of being pitched.

Although our expertise is in B2B events, we strongly believe & work in Business to Human framework, every member of our team is 100% committed to making a positive impact to your business.

When we work together, we deliver an impact where it matters most for your business !

For International Exhibitions held outside India

  • International Sales Representation in India

  • Exhibition Space selling to Indian companies

  • Identify & manage road shows & trade presentations

  • Visitor Promotion Services & PR Consultancy management

  • Representation with relevant trade associations & councils

  • Remain as a key representative contact in India and link with local media/publications, associations for increased trade-fair visibility.

  • Liaison with project team regularly to provide inputs, grow sales & increase efficiency

  • Feasibility Study & Market Research

  • Organize B2B meetings & Presentations

  • Devise strategies to improve & grow visitor attendance from India

For International Exhibitions held in India

  • Stand space selling to Indian companies

  • Management & Advisory Services to Grow visitor’s attendance

  • New Launch Feasibility Study & Concept Development

  • Event Format & Pricing Strategy

  • Sales & Marketing Strategy

  • PR Consultancy Services

  • Visitor Promotion Strategy & Services

  • Feasibility Study & Market Research

  • Conference Delegate Selling

  • Assist in managing roadshows

We listen closely to our customers so that projects create high value outputs that are relevant and decision orientated. Helping to guide decision-making, reducing business risk and creating competitive advantage through clear insight and understanding of opportunities.

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