Global Exhibition Services is an international specialist exhibition management company assisting exporters grow business, create business opportunities & build profitable networking contacts. We are catalyst for the international exhibition organisers to grow their events business, manage their sales processes and project management activities in the local market.

We are committed to contribute towards the success of your business.

A team of professionals with an experience of more than 2 decades in managing large scale B2B exhibitions, we enrich our expertise with every exhibition success & projects that we have managed and apply our passion to help customers win and grow.

We like to solve problems – We lead the way in combining our sales and marketing experiences to deliver results.

Our clear & defined strategy is to work more closely with our clients, understand their needs, create specific goals for ourselves and achieve desired results quickly and professionally. Before we undertake any project we try to understand event objectives, opportunities & issues being faced. This provides a vital framework within which any project operates and we align our strategies, identify & create a road map to achieve it.


We are not bound by the way things have always been done, we are driven by how to do them better & achieve results quicker. We believe that a focused and empowered team, with a common goal and clear leadership direction, can redefine things and unlock further growth potential.


Our mission is to understand what our customers need - and to deliver results more professionally executed & effectively performed than anyone else. We make business more enjoyable with our clients, provide in-depth understanding of issues & solve them. Our business motto is “Our Commitment to Your Success”


INDEX Saudi 2019, Riyadh, KSA
Sahara Egypt 2019, Cairo, Egypt
Gulf Traffic 2019, Dubai, UAE
Plastex 2020,
Cairo, Egypt……….
Middle East Electricity 2020
AGRA 2020, Dubai,